Source & Summit Is Elevating The Liturgy

Adam Bartlett of Source & Summit recently joined me to discuss what his organization is doing to elevate the liturgy. We discuss music, antiphons, online resources for parishes, and how we can elevate the celebration of the Novus Ordo to be fitting of the worship of Christ.

Liturgy And Missal

To that effect they recently released a beautiful new Missal that does just that and it is something we also discuss. Check out Source & Summit by going to

Missal, liturgy

About Adam Bartlett

Adam Bartlett is a sought-after Catholic speaker, writer, and clinician on topics of liturgy, music, and the New Evangelization. With over a decade of experience as a parish and cathedral music director, seminary instructor, and teacher, Adam routinely brings his passion for sacred music and liturgical renewal to his work as CEO and founder of Source & Summit, a Catholic publisher and tech company that exists to help every Catholic parish elevate the liturgy. Adam additionally serves as an adjunct faculty member for the Augustine Institute and sacred music consultant for FOCUS. He resides in Michigan with his wife and three children.

Liturgy Interview


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