Biblical Evidence For The Eucharist

If our Lord were speaking metaphorically why would the Jews take him literally? The question they asked among themselves is literal in nature.

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Source: Biblical Evidence For The Eucharist


The Problem With Pelagianism

Pelagianism makes grace superfluous to beatitude because it removes the need for grace. If one can do it himself what is the need for God to be involved. It makes Jesus into a wise moral teacher instead of the divine Son of God who came to take away the sins of the world.

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Source: The Problem With Pelagianism

Why Are There 27 Books In The New Testament?

The letters of Paul were among the first to be recognized in 90 ad and were being assembled in small collections. The four Gospels were decided on around the year 200. There were various canons proposed, but the Pauline letters and the four gospels seemed to have staying power. Other books such as Revelation and Hebrews were battled over.

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Source: Why Are There 27 Books In The New Testament?

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