The Need to Evangelize with Ed Graveline This week evangelist Ed Graveline comes on the program to discuss the need to evangelize.  Ed has been involved with St. Paul Street Evangelization since 2013.  He has an amazing reversion story that he shares, and we discuss the command of Christ to evangelize the nations.  If you want to join Ed in Sierra... Continue Reading →

Sacramental Definitions

What is sacramentum tantum? sacramentum tantum is a Latin word that describes the sacramental elements. They are the physical matter that is presented to be offered up in the sacrament. In the case of the Eucharist it would be bread and wine. The literal translation in English is “matter alone”. In an of themselves they... Continue Reading →

Origen on Baptism

The book of Joshua is an interesting book in the Old Testament. Moses has died, and the children of Israel are about to enter the promised land. Before they do so they must cross the Jordan river, but they have no way to cross. It is at this point that we must look at the... Continue Reading →

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