Thank You And Happy New Year

Everyone I want to thank you for another great year and for all of your support. It has been a great year on the writing front, and there and many interesting projects in the works. In this post I will give a brief update on existing projects, some you may not have known about, and... Continue Reading →

Liberation And Grace

In the New Testament there are many passages that speak of grace as liberation.  Sin is a plague that has overtaken the world, and it enslaves us (Stevens 9).  We are born in original sin, and though that is washed away through the sacrament of Baptism, concupiscence remains.  Concupiscence is the tendency to still drift toward sin.... Continue Reading →

TILMA Helps Parish Outreach

It has been a tough year. We are going about our business, doing ministry at our parishes, and all of a sudden life changed because of the pandemic. People still need the Gospel and the church. Ministry never stops and we have to adapt. Coincidently, during this time the tech firm Glass Canvas releases a... Continue Reading →

Deuterocanon: Defending It Is Essential

Earlier this week I was honored to speak with Catholic speaker and apologist Gary Michuta about the Deuterocanon. He is the host of Hands on Apologetics which airs daily at 1:00pm EST on Virgin Most Powerful Radio. Discussing The Deuterocanon He is also the author of several books including "Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger" and... Continue Reading →

God Is Mercy Conference: Join Me

Dear friends, I’m sharing a short talk at the online conference, ‘God is Mercy!' I’m joining SmartCatholics to bring a variety of speakers together to grow in our understanding of God's Mercy. The event lasts 2 days, from November 28-29. God Is Mercy On And the best part is, it’s more than an online... Continue Reading →

Mary Mother Of God…Updated

On my journey into the Catholic church there were three things that had the potential to derail me.  Mary, Mary, and Mary.  One of the objections I had, which sprang from my Baptist days, was the title of Mother of God for Mary. After all God is eternal and has always existed.  That title, at least in... Continue Reading →

Baptism: Live It Out

The Book of Joshua is an interesting book of the Old Testament. It starts in the thick of things. Moses has died, and the children of Israel are about to enter the Promised Land. Before they do, they must cross the Jordan River, but they have no way to cross. It is at this point... Continue Reading →

The New Testament Is Reliable

When it comes to a discussion about sacred scripture the word “accuracy” will definitely come up.  Whether it is in regards to passages in the Old Testament or the New, but what is the basis for such questions?  Is it an honest attempt to discern the truth or is one’s mind already made up? This... Continue Reading →

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