I Quit My Job…But Why?

Something crazy happened a couple weeks ago. In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, my wife and I made the decision to quit my job. Crazy right! For what reason though?

I Quit But I Am Moving On

Over the past few years we have been blessed to have my wife stay home with the kids. This was very difficult as she was successful at her career, but with four kids it was the best option. During this seven year stretch I have been studying and getting more involved in Catholic ministry. That has grown into blogs, you tube, podcasts, and teaching whenever and wherever I can.

In January my wife went back to work, the pandemic hit, and it opened our eyes to many possibilities. With the uncertainty of the school situation in the immediate future we decided that it was time for me to pursue ministry on a full time basis. So I quit, meaning I resigned with 30 days notice.

After all this is something that God has been calling me to for years. Time to walk the walk and do it.

Why I Quit Pastoral Ministry - Spectrum Website - Spectrum Conversation

What Is ahead?

There are many exciting things on the horizon from a ministry perspective. I turned in my notice on August 3 and told my employer that September 3 would be my last day. They were nothing but supportive, and it is hard to leave an industry that you have been a part of for 15 years.

There will be new daily shows, more writing, and more vents on the horizon. All to spread the truth about Christ and His church.

Starting September 4th I will relaunch a daily apologetics podcast. September 8th will be the beginning of a daily Bible study where we will go through the Bible verse by verse. Exciting things are happening.

Please pray for me. They are much needed. God bless you and all your support.


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