Book Review: Rediscover God by Dwight Clough

“Rediscover God” is a great tool for any individual who wants a deeper relationship with our Lord. The author proves to be skillful in delivery, caring, and passionate about the topic at hand. That topic is how Christianity works in real life. Rediscover God consists of daily readings and reflections tat are number from Day 1-62. The scripture passages contained in the text are Old and New Testament, but with a large portion from the Gospels. This is done to give us the example in what we are to do in our everyday lives. How are we to live, pray, be saved, etc are all questions that are answered. The author has his own paraphrase of scripture in the book which are put into today’s language for easier understanding for those that may not be Bible scholars. As a rule I am leery of paraphrase translations as I think they are to subjective. However Mr. Clough’s translation is not only easy to understand, but is faithful to what the passages mean.

The book is beneficial for anyone wanting to learn more about Christianity, and for those who have been a Christian for a while. The book will challenge you. It will challenge how you live, pray, and interact with those around you. The challenge is good and is aided by discussion questions at the end of the day’s reading. At the end of the book Mr. Clough goes into his testimony of receiving Jesus as Lord, what we need to understand about the World and God, and what it means to be born again. These additional pages serve to emphasize the importance of knowing about he sinful world, and that the only cure is Jesus. I recommend you pick up this book because it will help you develop a deeper relationship with our Lord, and will help you better proclaim the Gospel.

The book is beneficial for anyone wanting to find out more about Christianity

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