Book Review: The Beginners Bible- Stories About Jesus

[Note:  I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.]

For this review I take a break from academic, purely theological, and church history works to focus on a children’s book.  I have four young children, and my youngest two are three years old.  The book is small enough for their small hands to hold, and the pages are nice and thick which is great for durability.

As the title suggests, the book contains short form stories about Jesus that are easy for children to understand.  The illustrations in this book are also excellent.  They are colorful, vibrant, and assistant the young reader in understanding the stories.  The colorful pages also help keep the attention of the youngest among us.

Many children’s Bibles are quite large in comparison to their target demographic, but this one is an exception.  It is small enough to be carried anywhere and will not take up much room.  I recommend this book for young toddlers.  It is a great way to introduce them to the ministry of Christ.

The book can be purchased at


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