Book Review: Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story

Does sharing your faith scare you?  There is something about doing it that is a bit nerve-racking  Maybe it is the fear of rejection, being made fun of, or perhaps something else.  The fact of the matter is that somebody needs to hear your story.  Author and speaker Nancy HC Ward recently wrote a book titled Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story that sets out to give tips and to show the importance of each individual faith story.

Every story is unique, and something that we may think is insignificant may be the hits home with someone.  Nancy’s book is relatable, well written, and a gift of encouragement.  She describes how each faith story is composed of how we were before conversion, how God changed us, and how our life has changed.

Nancy also goes into great detail, not only about her story (which is amazing), but how proclaiming our story fulfills the commandment of Christ to evangelize.  Through our story we are involving ourselves in works of mercy, participating in the Great Commission, and defending the faith.  People cannot argue with a life that has been changed.

This book is much more than one that gives tips and tools for sharing one’s story.  That alone is worth checking this book out, but Nancy also includes the Catholic Faith Stories of 30 people.  If you enjoy these types of stories then this book is for you.  These stories are not long, but pack a powerful evangelistic punch.  I highly recommend this book.  It will help you share your story, and in turn share the faith.

You can learn more about Nancy at her website at or her blog at  Also check out her great book on Amazon.

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