Book Review: God Moments by Orlando Javien Jr.

The stories are relatable, funny, and pack a punch. Though it is an autobiography of sorts, it reads like a devotional and there is something in every chapter that will challenge you to live a deeper faith.

Book Review: CSB Notetaking Bible

Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to review the new Christian Standard Bible when it was first released.  For those that don't know, the CSB is an updated translation of the Holman Christian Standard Bible, or HCSB.  Though it isn't my preferred translation, it is a good formal equivalent of the Hebrew and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Christ-Centered Apologetics

Apologetics is a word in theology that is often misunderstood.  Despite its name, it does mean that we are apologizing for anything.  Quite the contrary, it comes from the Greek word Apologia which means "to make a defense".  In his book Christ-Centered Apologetics, author Joel Furches does a great job in explaining and defending key aspects of the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Jesus the Eternal Son

In its infancy, the church dealt with many heresies regarding the divinity of Christ.  There was Arianism which taught that Christ was a created being, Nestorianism which taught that there was no union between the divine and human nature of Christ, and Adoptionism which taught that Jesus was adopted as God's son either after his... Continue Reading →

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