Hearts Burning Within Us: A Review

If you are familiar with my writing then you know how much I enjoy a good book. I have collected quite the library that ranging from scholarly theological works to daily devotionals. However Hearts Burning Within Us is unique as there is nothing like it that I have read. It is an important book for... Continue Reading →

Two Gift Ideas For RCIA

Though it is June, RCIA classes will soon begin around the country (some have actually started already).  For those who stick with it, they will be received into full communion with the Catholic Church be received into the Catholic church.  It is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated.  We often do so by having... Continue Reading →

Through The Heart Of St. Joseph

I recently had the opportunity to interview Fr. Boniface Hicks. We discuss his new book titled "Through The Heart Of St. Joseph". We discuss what makes his book different from other books, How St. Joseph is a New Abraham, and the Joseph option. St. Joseph Leads Us To Jesus He discusses in great detail how... Continue Reading →

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