Rescue Mission

“He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son.”- Colossians 1:13

There is a popular movie series entitled “Mission Impossible”.  A spy has to complete missions that are seemingly impossible to save the world.  Somehow, someway the spy always finds a way to complete the mission.  God has a rescue plan of his own, and it came to its apex at the most unlikely of places…the cross.

In the Old covenant God rescued the Israelite’s from slavery in Egypt, and in the New Covenant He rescues us from Satan’s control to that of Christ and his kingdom.  Through faith in Christ we are transplanted and find our home in the heavenly kingdom.  Through Christ we are now adopted sons and daughters of God.  There is no way we would ever be able to do that on our own.  Set aside some time today to pray and reflect on this mission that God launched.  Attempt to understand the love and suffering it took to complete this mission.  It is a mission of love and grace that is available for those who believe.  Give your life to Christ and accept his mercy.  Step out of the realm of darkness and into the light only Jesus can bring.

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