The Holy Spirit And Evangelization With Nancy Ward

Nancy Ward Joins me this week. She is the author of a great book titled "Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story". In this great book she gives her story on her journey into the church and it includes the stories of others as well. We talk about how the Holy Spirit helps us, developing our relationship... Continue Reading →

His Grace is Sufficient

This post will be different than others I have made on this blog.  This post is about me and my struggle with an injury.  I do not write this for sympathy or pity, but to show that there is a blessing in difficult circumstances.  Earlier this morning I went to the Orthopedics clinic for a... Continue Reading →

My Lord and my God

Thomas answered and said to Him, "My Lord and my God!"-John 20:28 At the point in John's Gospel Jesus had been executed.  He was resurrected and appeared to many of the disciples, but Thomas was not among them.  He therefore did not see the appearing of Christ after his death.  Thomas said he would not... Continue Reading →

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