My Lord and my God

Thomas answered and said to Him, “My Lord and my God!”-John 20:28

At the point in John’s Gospel Jesus had been executed.  He was resurrected and appeared to many of the disciples, but Thomas was not among them.  He therefore did not see the appearing of Christ after his death.  Thomas said he would not believe it unless he was able to stick his finger into the side and hands of Christ.  Jesus appeared again, and this time Thomas was present, and that is when he said the words in today’s verse.

The story is important because it shows us that even one of his closest followers doubted what Jesus said he would do.  How many of us does this apply to?  Sometimes we try to make contractual agreements with God.  “If you do this then I will believe in you.”  Is this any different than what Thomas did?  That means there is hope for me and for you.  Doubts, hardships, and trials will come.  We serve a master that knows what we go through and has promised to be with us every step of the way.  There will be times when we will be tempted to be like Thomas and doubt unless something happens for us.  May we be strong in our faith and declare the words of Thomas in today’s verse.  May we believe and proclaim “My Lord and my God!”

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