Henry Newman And The Development Of Doctrine

When we read through scripture an the works of the early church fathers something we see something become apparent.  Not all doctrine that we have today was in its current form in the earliest days of the church.  Heresies came up, questions were asked, and from this further clarification and development came about.  The kernels... Continue Reading →

St. Augustine and the Trinity

The Trinity is a doctrine that some have had issue with since the earliest days of Christianity.  The great church father, St. Augustine, was not immune to having to deal with Christological heresies.  Though the heresies are Christological, they deal with the Trinity because Christ is the second person of the Trinity.  If a there... Continue Reading →

Newman’s Development Hypothesis

After reading Cardinal Newman’s “The Development of Ideas” I came to the conclusion that ideas and doctrine do not just come about.  They started from an idea that was debated, was allowed to germinate, and must be allowed to mature.  This can only be done through debate and reason.  What is interesting is that this... Continue Reading →

Newman's Development Hypothesis

Newman explains that at first man will have an idea, but will not be sure how to explain.  He may seem like a babbling fool unable to make a coherent point about the idea.  However over time something will be brought to light that will move the idea forward.  This new fact will be debated... Continue Reading →

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