Ignatius of Antioch: 7 Catholic Quotes From The Great Saint..Updated

Our church has a rich tradition. This tradition goes back to the very beginnings of the church and was passed down via the apostles. When I first started looking into the claims of the Catholic church, I turned to the church fathers. I thought I would read them to prove that he early church fathers were not... Continue Reading →

St. Augustine and the Trinity

The Trinity is a doctrine that some have had issue with since the earliest days of Christianity.  The great church father, St. Augustine, was not immune to having to deal with Christological heresies.  Though the heresies are Christological, they deal with the Trinity because Christ is the second person of the Trinity.  If a there... Continue Reading →

Irenaeus and the Rule of Faith

In the second century Gnosticism threatened to tear the young Christian church apart.  It was a heresy that taught that all matter was evil, Jesus was spirit, and that true salvific doctrine was passed down through a secret oral tradition[1].  To combat this growing problem the early church father Irenaeus wrote a lengthy treatise titled... Continue Reading →

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