Reflection On Christ And The Church

The Catholic church has an impressive rich history and teachings that are rooted in Christ. Dived into deeper with the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC). We also have the advantage of the communion of Saints. Many of whom wrote on the matters of life within Christ.

Walking With Christ

We are called to live holy lives. Those lives emulated by the Saints. The road is not an easy one to follow. Many of the teachings of the church are harsh and unforgiving. At times we as Catholics struggle with those teachings. Challenges to our very faith and at times our very identity. More so when we feel that leaders have abandoned us in that walk with Christ.

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It is easy to be discouraged when we see this unfold in front of us. Leaders that seem to have no regard for our faith while they push an agenda that clearly is not of Christ. A deep sadness and anger over takes us when we see this play out. Because of our love for Christ and our love of the Church. We feel that it is some how tainted and stained with what we see.

The Church Remains

Yet this is not the first time we have seen this kind of stuff play out. Throughout the history of the church many who considered themselves Catholic went down paths that were very far removed from what we hold to be true. Yet even with all that the church has remained firm. Even as we struggle within this current world that has made a greater push to reject God in all areas of public life. Leaders will come and they will go. Still the Catholic church remains like the tree with it’s roots deep into the Earth.

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The greatest sadness that we have is when Catholics openly support things that go directly against Christ. While it would be easy to lash out with anger. It would be far more worth the effort to pray for them. We pray that the Holy Spirit would guide them and that we would be more encouraging so that more would be drawn to Christ. While are living in troubling times and have leaders who are less than ideal. God has shown us many times how strong the church truly is. Perhaps now is the time to remember an important saying: “Jesus I trust in you.”

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