The Roman Canon: Its Theology and History – Kindle edition by William Hemsworth.

Happy New Year everyone! Are you looking for a short and informative read to start off this year? My book on the Roman Canon, or First Eucharistic Prayer, is available for free today and tomorrow. God bless you all.

Farewell Amazon

It isn't easy being an indie author.  It is difficult to get reviews, and Lord knows the royalties one gets are very little, though there are some exceptions.  I know this post is very different than others I do, but hear me out.  I have published a few books, and praise God those have helped... Continue Reading →

The Trinity and Knowability

The Trinity is a mystery that is dogma and must be believed for one to call themselves a Christian.  This is a leap of faith, because though we know it is true, we are not able to understand everything about it.  Do we need to understand everything about it in order to believe?  Some would... Continue Reading →

Proper Interpretation

Hermeneutics is science and art of interpretation.  Hermeneutics is therefore the art and science of interpreting the Biblical texts.  This allows us to understand the context in which the biblical writers were writing, to whom, and for what reason.  In his book Introduction to Biblical Interpretation William Klein states, "Interpretation is neither an art nor... Continue Reading →

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