The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Event with Jeff Cavins

On September 28, I had the great honor of attending The Great Adventure Bible in A Day event presented by Jeff Cavins. The event was help in the auditorium at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA. The event was sold out, and I was able to learn about the Bible with 700 of my closest... Continue Reading →


Did Jesus Claim To Be God?

There are many passages in scripture that attribute divinity to Christ, and there are many that were spoken by the Lord himself. The spoken words of Christ in regards to his divinity will be our focus today. Source: Did Jesus Claim To Be God?

Tertullian and Stoic Materialism

Tertullian’s response was to say that the Son was real, but distinct and not a different God. The fact that Christ existed is a reality, and to this end he used the definition of the word that was found in Stoic philosophy. Source: Tertullian and Stoic Materialism

A Letter to My Followers

Hello everyone, First and foremost I want to thank you for following me and taking the time to read.  As most of you know I recently started the Tucson Institute of Catholic Apologetics.  As a result most of my writing has been over at  I also port those articles here, but some have asked... Continue Reading →

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