Faith, Overcoming Trauma and Gaining Healthy Control of your Life

Whether as a child, teenager or an adult, sexual assault and domestic abuse can cause victims to lose their voice out of shame, fear and guilt. A victim needs the opportunity to speak about what is or has been done to them without question or judgment. Encountering God’s word throughout years of therapy, I found... Continue Reading →

Victory in Jesus!

The letters of Paul are very powerful and beneficial to the Christian. They show a man who persecuted the church, became a missionary to the Gentiles, and a man who died a martyr for the Christian faith. His first letter to the Thessalonians was the first letter written in the New Testament, but what has... Continue Reading →

Unmerited Grace

The following topic is one that I have avoided writing about for quite some time.  That is because it is a very personal story, and many of those close to me would have difficulty believing it.  However the call of the Holy Spirit must trump all of my desires.  This is my story.  A story... Continue Reading →

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