Ambrose, The Mass, and The Eucharist

When we attend Mass, we are entering a holy place in which a miracle takes place.  Not only are we present when the basic elements of bread and wine are transubstantiated to the body and blood of Christ, but those at Mass are transported in a mystical way to a heavenly banquet.  Though the reception... Continue Reading →

What Is Critical Race Theory?

Critical race theory has been is the news quite a bit over the past year. Many have discussed it, but there are also many who are confused as to what it is. I recently sat down and had a discussion with two men and discussed critical race theory. Dr. Sam Rocha and theologian David L.... Continue Reading →

Convert from Atheism To Catholicism

I love conversion stories. They give so much hope and give a renewed zeal for the faith. I myself am a convert to Catholicism. It is always a pleasure to speak with others who have made the journey. Jacob Woods Convert From Atheism and Evangelicalism I recently had the opportunity to interview Jacob Woods and... Continue Reading →

Back To Church Basics: The Four Marks

The study of Ecclesiology is interesting in that it raises a dichotomy that ripples through the very fabric of Christianity.  Ecclesiology is the branch of theology that deals with the study of the Church.  What is the Church?  What are its functions?  Is it visible, invisible, or both?  Some, if not most of these, are... Continue Reading →

Grace And How It Changes Our Mind

At the beginning of sacred scripture, we read how God created man.  Man was created in a state of grace, and through sin this grace was lost.  This led to mankind having the stain of original sin, and a desire to sin called concupiscence.  This nature requires grace to assist us in our post-lapsarian nature. ... Continue Reading →

Sainthood: What Does The Road Look Like?

“You cannot become a saint without becoming a human being first.” -St. Charbel Makhlouf, on sainthood, “Love is a Radiant Light”. Sainthood Is The Goal I was struck by this quote over the course of my spiritual readings. Such power and depth packed into one little sentence! In this piece I hope to unpack some... Continue Reading →

The Risks Of Following Christ

Recently the news has coming out about attacks and vandalism at Catholic parishes around the world. This is not really unexpected given the current state of the world. The Risks That Followers Face However we should look at this though the lens of history and realize that this kind of stuff is not really new.... Continue Reading →

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