Book Review: I’m Catholic, Now What?

As a convert to the Catholic Church it was an honor to read and review this book.  I went through the RCIA program a couple times and it served to answer my basic questions.  However, I was lost for the most part because there were still many other questions I had and I wasn't sure... Continue Reading →

What Happens At Mass

I was recently honored to once again contribute to The Simple Catholic.  Below is the article and here is the link to Matthew's site to read it in its entirety.  Check it out and subscribe.  He is doing amazing work!   When we attend Mass, we are entering a holy place in which a miracle... Continue Reading →

The Need For Grace

In the beginning of St. Paul’s letter to the Romans he lays out a case about the desire for people to know God.  He says that by nature they can know things about God and God has shown them.  The verse in question is from Romans 1:19 which states, “For what can be known about... Continue Reading →

The Jewishness of Christ

Within theology there are many different topics.  One such topic is known as Christology, and it deals with who Jesus is.  It deals with his nature, divinity, and how it is portrayed within the New Testament.  There are many views of Christology that have been debunked over the years, and some are still taught today. ... Continue Reading →

St. Paul and the Eucharist

One of the central themes in all of Christendom is that of unity. Though there are many denominations, Christians everywhere consider themselves to be in the family of God. However, within the Catholic Church we have something that the other ecclesial bodies do not. We have the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ present with us... Continue Reading →

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