Healthcare Debate Live on June 29th

Join us live on 6/29 at 10:30am PST for a great debate between Dr. Sam Rocha and Dr. Scott Forrer. The debate resolution is "Healthcare should be provided primarily by private businesses, not the government". About The Healthcare Debate Participants: Dr. Sam Rocha Disclaimer: All information is from the websites of the participants. Samuel D.... Continue Reading →

Thank You And Happy New Year

Everyone I want to thank you for another great year and for all of your support. It has been a great year on the writing front, and there and many interesting projects in the works. In this post I will give a brief update on existing projects, some you may not have known about, and... Continue Reading →

Scott Hahn: Interview About His Great New Book

Dr. Scott Hahn is on the program to talk about his new book. We discuss the origins of the book, the importance of the body in life and death, the vital part the Eucharist plays in our body as well as our faith, and how early Christian’s treated the body and how that changed western civilization.

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