Trail Of Blood: Debunking A False Church History

Were true Christians forced underground while the Catholic church grew to prominence? That is one of the concepts of the Trail of Blood theory, which is he story of Baptist secessionism. To discuss and debunk this, Catholic author and speaker Steve Ray joins me to discuss. Steve discusses how this theory came about, its key... Continue Reading →

Mary In Typology: Keys To Understanding

I recently had the opportunity to interview author and speaker Steve Ray. We discuss a few titles for Mary such as the New Eve, Burning Bush, and The Daughter of Zion. Steve discusses how these titles have their beginnings in the Old Testament. It is an enlightening conversation. Be sure to visit Steve's website at... Continue Reading →

Are You Born Again?

Today Steve Ray joins me to talk about what it means to be born again. We discuss what we meant by it when we were both evangelicals, but he digs deep into scripture. Born Again The Bible Way Starting with the Old Testament Steve works forward to get the proper context of John Chapter 3... Continue Reading →

Papacy And The Primacy Of Peter

This week bestselling author, international speaker, and Catholic Apologist Steve Ray joins me to discuss the Papacy. We discuss the biblical and early church evidence for the papacy, the primacy of Peter, and some common Protestant objections. Interview About the Papacy with Steve Ray It was a very enlightening interview. Check out Steve's books about... Continue Reading →

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