St. Francis de Sales’ 6 words to hold onto when life is really hard

So much of what we read or watch online today is written to “go viral” or “get clicks.” The advice we see is trendy and will quickly change with the next fad.  So where can we go when we are looking for trustworthy, time-tested wisdom to guide us in our lives? Well, we can go... Continue Reading →

St. Agnes

St Agnes St. Agnes was but twelve years old when she was led to the altar of Minerva at Rome, and commanded to obey the persecuting laws of Diocletian, by offering incense. In the midst of the idolatrous rites she raised her hands to Christ, her Spouse, and made the sign of the life-giving Cross.... Continue Reading →

Can We Be Saints?

According to Servant of God Frank Duff, the answer is yes. In his 32-page booklet published under the same name in 1929, he explains how. Who Is a Saint? Duff says that few Catholics seriously attempt to become a saint because they don’t understand what a saint is and don’t believe sainthood is achievable. They... Continue Reading →

Trusting in the Divine Will

Annunciation by Fra Angelico As the Lord knows for what we all are adapted, He gives to all their positions as be sees to be most for His own glory, for their salvation, and the good of their neighbors. Our mistake, then, is in not submitting ourselves totally to whatever He wishes to do with... Continue Reading →

St. John Berchmans

St. John Berchmans was born at Diest on the 13th of March, 1599. Having been blessed by God with good parents, they watched over their young son during the early years of his life, and endeavored to form within him a character that would be pleasing in the sight of God, and loved by men.... Continue Reading →

Through The Heart Of St. Joseph

I recently had the opportunity to interview Fr. Boniface Hicks. We discuss his new book titled "Through The Heart Of St. Joseph". We discuss what makes his book different from other books, How St. Joseph is a New Abraham, and the Joseph option. St. Joseph Leads Us To Jesus He discusses in great detail how... Continue Reading →

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