Video: Update on a Couple Projects

I am sad that the radio show is going away, but excited for the daily mass reading project.


Episode 7: Does discipleship matter? How do I make time to pray? Does God work even if one has no faith?

Listen to this week’s episode here

In this week’s episode I answer listener questions that came in during the week.  The first question asked if discipleship was really necessary, and isn’t getting to Christ what is most important?  The second question was in regard to prayer.  This listener asked with time so limited is prayer really necessary?  The third question, which will be answered more fully next time (I ran out of time) was if God can work even if someone doesn’t have faith?  Great questions!  Keep them coming in.  You can send your questions to or you can send them through my website

Episode 1 of the Hope Within Radio Program

The Hope Within Episode 2: Bible Contradictions?

You listen to this week’s episode here.

In today’s episode I answer a listener question about how to answer an unbeliever when they say the Bible is full of contradictions.  I start off by discussing the reliability of the New Testament based on the number of manuscripts we have, then look at five common “contradictions”, then answer the question if Jesus ever claimed to be divine.  Send you questions to

Episode 1 of the Hope Within Radio Program

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