Nigerian seminarian reveals what happened when he was kidnapped

On the evening of January 8, 2020, four students at the Good Shepherd Seminary in Kaduna, Nigeria, were taken captive by a group of armed assailants. Three weeks later, one of them was dead. While the three others were free, they were traumatized — one so much that he has been unable to return to... Continue Reading →

Pakistani Christians brace for more persecution under revised blasphemy law

A recent move to make Pakistan’s so-called blasphemy laws stricter will make it easier to convict innocent people, including religious minorities, says a British Pakistani Christian organization.  “The additional hardening of laws will make it only easier to convict innocent people,” said Juliet Chowdhry, Trustee for the British Asian Christian Association. The organization says that... Continue Reading →

Catholic bishop, priest released after two months in Eritrea prison

Even legal groups face persecution. The Eritrean government has periodically targeted Catholic and other religious institutions. In August, the Eritrean government took over the Hagaz Agro-Technical School, a Catholic institution founded and run by the Lasallian Brothers. The school trains students in farm machinery, agriculture, soil conservation, and animal husbandry. Government officials shut down several... Continue Reading →

Solidarity With The Persecuted

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Gia Chacon of We discussed the plight of our brothers and sisters in nations such as North Korea, China, and many other nations. Now more than ever these persecuted Christians need out support. Let us stand in solidarity with them. Solidarity With The Martyrs On... Continue Reading →

March For The Martyrs September 5th

Sometimes we think that persecution of Christians is something that only happened at the beginning of the church. The fact is that the period in which we now live has the most Christian persecution in history. Many Christians march to martyrdom today, and it is more than you may think. Christian persecution has increased 20%... Continue Reading →

The Risks Of Following Christ

Recently the news has coming out about attacks and vandalism at Catholic parishes around the world. This is not really unexpected given the current state of the world. The Risks That Followers Face However we should look at this though the lens of history and realize that this kind of stuff is not really new.... Continue Reading →

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