DVD Review: The Mission

The movie, The Mission, is based on the historical events of an 18th century Jesuit mission.  The film portrays the importance that missions had among the Roman Catholic Church, and the urgency there was to spread the Gospel.  The film also displays something that has been all too common throughout history, and that is the... Continue Reading →

Theology of Missions

When someone hears the term missions most of the times overseas adventures to an unknown people may develop in their minds.  Though this is part of it, there is much more to missions.  Missions is a way of life and the engaged believer seeks to take the Gospel across cultural barriers[1].  According to the Holman... Continue Reading →

A.D. 100-500: A History of Biblical Translation

INTRODUCTION   Throughout the history of the Christian Church Bible translation has played a critical role in the transmition of the Gospel message.  Whether it be the Jews in the intertestamental period to today, the scriptures, when translated to the vernacular, have been an invaluable tool with eternal significance. Jesus gives a command to his... Continue Reading →

Missions and the Early Church

Throughout the history of the church missions have played a vital role.  The Lord himself thought it was crucial and told the disciples to spread his message throughout the world.  They were told to teach, baptize, and to make other disciples.  Today we call this command the Great Commission.  The disciples came from a variety... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Radical by David Platt

Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream is written by Dr. David Platt. Dr. Platt is the former pastor of the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama and has a membership of over 4,000. Dr. Platt earned a doctorate degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and is an acclaimed Pastor, author,... Continue Reading →

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