3-Point Mass prep: Going beyond our boundaries

The Gospel for this Sunday is John 4:5-42 1.     A word of introduction Jesus crosses boundaries to meet another person. Even in ambiguous situations, he has the courage to go beyond. He does so out of love. The meeting with the Samaritan woman is just one example of this. 2.     Keywords Jesus, tired from his journey, sat... Continue Reading →

Rome Diocese to offer Mass for Benedict XVI

On Thursday, the Vatican gave a further update on Benedict XVI’s health. “The Pope Emeritus was able to rest well last night; he is absolutely lucid and alert, and today, although his condition remains serious, the situation at the moment is stable,” Vatican Spokesman Matteo Bruni said Dec. 29. In a statement Thursday morning, Vicar... Continue Reading →

The Wedding Supper And The Mass

Sometimes we can do things so often that we inadvertently go through the motions. This can happen in our work, relationships, and in the worship of our Lord at Mass. At every Mass we are getting a foretaste of the wedding supper of the Lamb. This is mentioned in Revelation 19:7-10. Sometimes it helps to... Continue Reading →

Sanctus: There Is A Lot To This Hymn

The Eucharistic prayer is recited after the angelic hymn of praise known as the Sanctus. You know it: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts . . . This may seem like a repetitive hymn, and to those that hear it quite frequently that may be the case. However, its placement before the Eucharistic prayer is not... Continue Reading →

Updated: The Beauty Of The Mass

It is also good of those of us who have been around and I’m sure you will discover something that you didn’t know. The book is well written and is written in a style that everyone will be able to understand it. Check it out!

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