Paul and Galatia

The occasion and purpose of Paul writing to the Galatians was to combat a false doctrine that had infiltrated the church at Galatia.  Paul preached the Gospel, people accepted it, and Paul moved on to another journey.  While he was gone “The church had been infiltrated by false teachers who Paul those ‘who are trouble... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Under an Open Heaven

Under an Open Heaven Is written by Dr. John Johnson who is a professor of pastoral theology at Western Seminary.  Dr. Johnson also has over thirty years of pastoral experience.  The book is 264 pages long, and looks at thirteen selections from John's gospel that help bring new life to the people of Christ. The... Continue Reading →

Inerrancy Matters

In my opinion, biblical inerrancy is one of those concepts that differentiates Christianity from other faiths.  Other faiths claim that their scriptures are divinely inspired, and are without error but the bible backs it up.   P.D. Feinberg describes inerrancy as “ the view when all facts are become known, they will demonstrate that the Bible... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Old to Understand the New

Understanding the Old Testament is essential in understanding the New.  Too often the Christians of today neglect the Old Testament.  It is seen as a book of laws that do not really apply because Christ established the new covenant.  Coogan states “The writings that counted as scripture for the New Testament writers are those they... Continue Reading →

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