Catholicism: African American Influence In The US This week popular blogger and podcaster Efran Menny of Menny Thoughts and the Priestly Passion joins me. We discuss, and barely touch the surface, of African American influence on Catholicism. Included is a great introduction the great Saint Peter Claver, Bishop James Healy, Daniel Rudd, and Henriette Delille. So much great information. For more... Continue Reading →

Two Types of Kings

Throughout the history if the Israelites we see a constant theme.  We see the turning away from YHWH in one form or another .  We also see that YHWH never washes His hands of them, but always brings them back into the fold .  However they suffered much from their sins, and much like a Father to... Continue Reading →

Three Sections of Genesis

The book of Genesis is the first book of the Bible and starts off with the history  of creation.  This account takes place in the first two chapters and moves rapidly into the beginning of the nation of Israel.  The promises made to Abraham and his descendants of documented along with their genealogies.  As a... Continue Reading →

Baptists and the Struggle for Religious Freedom

Introduction Since their inception in the 1600’s, Baptists have stood for the religious liberty of not only themselves, but of all people.  In regards to religious liberty George Truett once said, “There is a vast difference between toleration and liberty. Toleration is a concession; liberty is a right; toleration is a matter of expediency; liberty... Continue Reading →

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