3 Hebrew words every Christian should know

Most likely, Jesus spoke Aramaic as his primary language, as it was the common language spoken in the region of Palestine during the 1st century. A Semitic language, it is closely related to Hebrew and remains in use nowadays by Christian and Jewish communities in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and even in Russia.... Continue Reading →

Standardized testing and Bible translation

Back in March, I observed that in Bible translation, “literalness in English translations is primarily predicated on the maintenance of those glossing traditions, rather than a sense of ‘word-for-word-ness’ in the Greek or Hebrew” (re: Literal translation as tradition, not theory – Koine-Greek). I highlighted the following chart of translation glosses for λύω, which I... Continue Reading →

Hebrew Poetry: Can Jesus Be Seen Here? Part 2

You can read part one of the series on Hebrew poetry here. Jesus In Hebrew Poetry: Proverbs The Proverbs a favorite book of those who are seeking practicality.  In other words, they are striving to incorporate Biblical lessons into their daily lives.  In proverbial literature there is no place for storytelling.  Every line is a... Continue Reading →

El Shaddai

I normally do not respond to those I disagree with, but in this case I am going to make an exception.  I make this exception fully aware that others will disagree, and that is fine.  I am referencing a facebook post from a friend of mine.  She is a gender equality champion within the church,... Continue Reading →

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