Book Review: Steal Away Home

When given the opportunity to review this book I jumped at the chance.  However, this book is different than most that I review.  I normally review non-fiction theological works.  Steal Away Home, though a work of fiction, is based on a real friendship between Charles Spurgeon and Thomas Johnson.

I have little doubt that most of my readers know who Charles Surgeon is, but Thomas Johnson is a bit more of a mystery.  He was a slave for 28 years who became a missionary.  Spurgeon invited him to study at his college in England, and in so doing the two became good friends.

Spurgeon was notoriously against the African slave trade, and the two became good friends .  Their friendship was based on the mission the both had to spread the Gospel.  In a time where such a friendship may not have been socially acceptable the two saw each other as brothers, rather than men of different races.  This is an important lesson in our own time, and one that we need to do a better job at.

The work is 290 pages long and is incredibly well written.  It is accessible, readable, and has important lessons.  This book took the authors three years to write this book.  It shows as it is well researched, and tells an incredible story.  I highly recommend checking this book out.

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge from B&H in exchange for an honest review.]


Don't Waste Your Time

“Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly.”- 2 Timothy 2:16

It comes to us when we least expect it.  It comes to us in our homes, in our places of business, and even at church.  It has the potential to destroy friendships, marriages, and whole churches.  What is this villain?  That villain is something we have all indulged in, and that is gossip.

In today’s verse the Apostle Paul is warning his protégé, Timothy, to avoid what he calls “godless chatter.”  The King James version renders it as “profane and vain babblings.”  Though all irreverent speech is included, gossip is one that we see daily.  It is a destroyer of many good things.  What are we to do when a bit of juicy gossip comes our way?  Will we allow it to die at our feet, or will we enable its existence by spreading it further?  When “profane and vain babblings” come your way today remember the words of the Apostle Paul in today’s verse.  He says very bluntly that those who participate in such things become more and more ungodly.  This is not the direction we want to go as believers in Christ.

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