Disability Awareness and Evangelising with JM Kraemer of The Lego Church Project

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-5qwph-dd0ec6 I am blessed to once again have JM Kraemer of The Lego Church Project as a guest.  We discuss disability awareness going forward in a post COVID world and how this is the time that we need to be evangelizing.Check out The Lego Church Project on Facebook or visit https://prayingbricks.blogspot.

The Need to Evangelize.

This week evangelist Ed Graveline comes on the program to discuss the need to evangelize. Ed has been involved with St. Paul Street Evangelization since 2013. He has an amazing reversion story that he shares, and we discuss the command of Christ to evangelize the nations. If you want to join Ed in Sierra Vista,... Continue Reading →

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