Ambrose, The Mass, and The Eucharist

When we attend Mass, we are entering a holy place in which a miracle takes place.  Not only are we present when the basic elements of bread and wine are transubstantiated to the body and blood of Christ, but those at Mass are transported in a mystical way to a heavenly banquet.  Though the reception... Continue Reading →

Transubstantiation: Defending The Eucharist

Transubstantiation is something that is often misunderstood by our Protestant friends. To be honest, there are some Catholics who need a refresher as well. William Albrecht recently joined me to discuss all things Transubstantiation. We discuss examples from scripture, the church fathers, and councils. He gives us a lot of great information to better understand... Continue Reading →

Sanctus: There Is A Lot To This Hymn

The Eucharistic prayer is recited after the angelic hymn of praise known as the Sanctus. You know it: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts . . . This may seem like a repetitive hymn, and to those that hear it quite frequently that may be the case. However, its placement before the Eucharistic prayer is not... Continue Reading →

Eucharist: 10 Early Church Quotes

I am a convert to the Catholic Faith. In my evangelical days I read scripture passages such as John chapters 6 and concluded that they were symbolic. This view is still predominant in most Protestant denominations. There came a point when I had to take a deep dive into history to see if the early... Continue Reading →

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