Episode 7: What is Divine Revelation? – SoundCloud

This week's show discussing divine revelation is available now. Listen to Episode 7: What is Divine Revelation? by The Bible Catholic Show #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/user-682230997/episode-7-what-is-divine-revelation

Dei Verbum: What is Divine Revelation?

In my years as a Protestant a topic of great passion was just how God reveals Himself to mankind.  Sola scriptura, or the Bible alone, was my battle cry for many years. However, once I started reading the early church fathers, something hit me.  These sound a lot like Catholic teachings.  After further research I... Continue Reading →

Accuracy of the New Testament

When it comes to a discussion about sacred scripture the word “accuracy” will definitely come up.  Whether it is in regards to passages in the Old Testament or the New, but what is the basis for such questions?  Is it an honest attempt to discern the truth or is one’s mind already made up?  This... Continue Reading →

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