Episode 10: Brief history of bible Translation in the Early Church

You can listen here. Andrew from Phoenix asked if there were any other translation besides Latin in the early church.  In today's show I go over the Syriac, Coptic, and Latin (for good measure).  I also analyze their importance in spreading the Gospel. Episode 1 of the Hope Within Radio Program

A Challenging Lent

This past Lent was the most challenging ever for me.  My Lenten commitment was to pray the Liturgy of the Hours and seek guidance from the Lord.  For the last couple years I had a successful blog, podcast, and recently landed a radio show...but there was one problem.  Though I am Catholic these mediums tended... Continue Reading →

Episode 8: Answering Atheism

Listen to this week's episode here This week's episode deals with the issue of atheism. What is atheism? What are some common arguments that atheists have against God? I look at a couple arguments and give the Christian response. Episode 1 of the Hope Within Radio Program

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