Lesson On How Not To Respond

This is one of those rare instances on this blog where I stray from my normal posts. Over the last couple years I have posted over 890 times on this page and not one was political in nature. I'm not even sure that this one will qualify as it it definitely falls under a moral... Continue Reading →

Non-Profit Ministry Fundraising Tips

Non-Profit Ministry Tips https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ccg8b-df547a This week Brice Sokolowski of catholicfundraiser.net comes on the program. In this pandemic many ministries have seen donations tank. Brice gives some insight into the does and don'ts of fundraising.  Non-Profit ministries must thrive and continue their ministries.  Listen to learn how! About Brice After enjoying a successful career in technology... Continue Reading →

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