Differences Between Eastern Orthodoxy And Catholicism

Apologist Erick Ybarra joins recently joined me to discuss an interesting topic. On this program Erick discusses the differences between Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. He discusses key issues of disagreement between the papacy and the filioque. We even discuss the chances of unity within our lifetime. Erick also gives us a peak into an incredible... Continue Reading →

Rapture: Did The Church Fathers Teach It?

The rapture is a theory about the end times which has become very popular in certain segments of Protestantism. Recently I came a cross a few articles that attempted to claim that the early church fathers taught this version of eschatology. What Is The Rapture? Within the realm of theological thought, the rapture is a... Continue Reading →

The Church And The Modern Era: A Review

I love church history. The study of the church and its history, especially the church fathers, is one huge reason why I am Catholic today. Over the course of this year Ave Maria Press has released a church history series. The series is called Reclaiming Catholic History. This particular book is the third of four... Continue Reading →

A Blessed Lent

It is that time of year again.  A time where millions of Christians the world over observe the season of Lent.  Lent is a time of reflection and abstinence and teaches us that there are things more important than our carnal desires.  Lent has been observed since the beginnings of the church and looks to... Continue Reading →

The Second Temple Period

The second temple period of Israelite history may be misunderstood as being a small period of time.  Though it is a period of time it is more accurate to state that the period is divided into four distinct sections.  Those sections are the Persian period, the Greek period, the Maccabean period, and the Roman period. ... Continue Reading →

Apollinaris and Christology

Apollinaris is a figure in the early church that certainly has his share of controversy.  At the young age of twenty, he was excommunicated for singing a hymn to the Greek god Dionysius.  He eventually would come back to Christianity and confessed the newly formed Nicean creed under the tutelage of Basil of Caesarea.  In... Continue Reading →

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