Confession: 10 Early Church Quotes

One of the things I struggled with during the process of converting to Catholicism was confession. All of those standard questions were going through my mind. Why do I have to confess to a man? Why is a priest necessary for God to forgive me?  The quick answer is that this what out Lord established. ... Continue Reading →

Transubstantiation: Defending The Eucharist

Transubstantiation is something that is often misunderstood by our Protestant friends. To be honest, there are some Catholics who need a refresher as well. William Albrecht recently joined me to discuss all things Transubstantiation. We discuss examples from scripture, the church fathers, and councils. He gives us a lot of great information to better understand... Continue Reading →

Rapture: Did The Church Fathers Teach It?

The rapture is a theory about the end times which has become very popular in certain segments of Protestantism. Recently I came a cross a few articles that attempted to claim that the early church fathers taught this version of eschatology. What Is The Rapture? Within the realm of theological thought, the rapture is a... Continue Reading →

Eucharist: 10 Early Church Quotes

I am a convert to the Catholic Faith. In my evangelical days I read scripture passages such as John chapters 6 and concluded that they were symbolic. This view is still predominant in most Protestant denominations. There came a point when I had to take a deep dive into history to see if the early... Continue Reading →

Mary In Typology: Keys To Understanding

I recently had the opportunity to interview author and speaker Steve Ray. We discuss a few titles for Mary such as the New Eve, Burning Bush, and The Daughter of Zion. Steve discusses how these titles have their beginnings in the Old Testament. It is an enlightening conversation. Be sure to visit Steve's website at... Continue Reading →

Eucharist: Have We Taken It For Granted?

Though we celebrate the liturgy of the Eucharist everyday at Mass, there is a tendency to get complacent.  Have we taken this great gift of Christ for granted?  This seems to be our human nature, because if we do something enough we tend to go through the motions.  Have We Taken The Eucharist For Granted?... Continue Reading →

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