Deeds of Christ

Every Sunday in the creed we declare that Jesus is our Lord, but what does that mean?  What implications does that have on our lives?  In the Gospels Jesus tells us to love our neighbor (Mark 12:31), love God (Matthew 22:37), and show mercy (John 8:11).  How do his words correlate to his deeds, and... Continue Reading →

Authorship of John's Gospel

The Gospel of John is a treasure to believers in the savior.  Though it mentions events that occurred in the synoptics it does so in such a way that the author assumes knowledge of them.  However, like the synoptics it was written anonymously[1].      The authorship of the Gospel was attested early in Church history by... Continue Reading →

Prayer for Leaders

Unless you have live under a rock, I assume that everyone has heard about the huge event in the United States last night.  We held our election for President.  The election cycle has turned into a long drawn out affair that is exhausting not only for those running, but for the public. But never mind... Continue Reading →

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