Book Review: God Made the World

Children are an incredible blessing that must be cherished and nourished.  Proverbs 22:6 tells us, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.  One way that a parent can instill Christian values with their children is by teaching them while they are young.  In reality thee is no age to young to start teaching children about the faith.

I recently had the opportunity to review a new book by Kregel Publications titled God Made the World.  It is a very art filled, and colorful book aimed at small children, even babies.  The book consists of six pages with each having a very colorful picture to grab the child’s attention.  The last page of the book has a plastic mirror affixed to it with the phrase “and God made me!”  The book is a cloth crinkle book so it is aimed at 1-3 year olds.  The crinkle pages double as a toy as well as a book.  Though the book itself is short it assists the parents in telling the truth about creation.  God made everything, including the precious child it is being read to.  It will help instill the love that God has for the child at an early age.

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[Note:  This book was received free of charge from Kregel Publications for an honest review.}


Book Review: When God Made You

I recently had the opportunity to review a new children’s book titled When God Made You from Waterbrook.  I don’t review children’s books often, but as a father of four children I take the opportunity on occasion.  The book is written by Matthew Paul Turner who is the author f sixteen other children’s books.

The book itself is beautifully illustrated.  David Catrow, did a masterful job and the artwork draws the story together.  The story itself is simple, but conveys a beautiful message.  God loves them, and knows everything about them.  It reminds me of Psalm 139:13 which states, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

The book itself is a rhyming book that flows quite well.  My four year old twins really enjoy it, and it has brought about conversations about God’s love with my older two children.

[Note:  This book was received free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.]

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Book Review: 100+ Little Bible Words

For those wondering why I am reviewing a children’s book I have a simple answer.  I have four children, and the youngest two are three years old.  So every once in a while I jump at the chance to review a book that may assist in teaching my children the faith.  100+ Little Bible Words is a book that does just that.

The book contains 19 short stories that start at creation and end with the resurrection.  Each story contains once Bible verse from the NKJV, and each story lists a word with a corresponding picture.  To be clear, this book is not intended to teach advanced vocabulary.  However, it will help teach Bible stories and word association on basic everyday and biblical terms.  It is meant for toddlers, and my three year olds love it.

The outside cover of the book is colorful and is padded, and the pages themselves are thin boards.  This helps endure the wear and tear that toddlers do with books.  Overall I think this book is well done and is worth the investment for those looking to expand their children’s vocabulary while teaching them Bible stories at the same time.

[Note:  This book was received free of charge from B&H Publishing in exchange for an honest review.]

Book Review: Where Does Love Hide?

The book Where Does Love Hide?  is a children’s book that teaches small children what love is and how it can be expressed to others.  The author utilizes great illustrations and the popular lift-the -flap  pages to keep children intrigued.  When each flat id lifted it revealed a corresponding passage from scripture to drive home the message.

The book itself is fairly short as is only 13 pages long.  Though it is not meant for the normal reader of this blog, it is important that the youngest among us are steeped on these lessons early on.  The book is a board book which will hold its own in the hand of 2-4 year olds.  In fact, my twin three year olds tested the endurance of this book and it held up nicely.

In a note to parents the author writes, “I love you.  A child’s understanding of this message begins very simply, when he or she connects actions with words.”  The book teaches the child the joy of giving and the joy of receiving love.  My children loved it and I am sure yours will s well.

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[Note:  This book was received free of charge from Tyndale publishing in exchange for an honest review.]

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