Why I converted to Catholicism

Late last year I converted to Catholicism out of a firm belief in its truth. As such, I will below outline the logical basis for this conclusion. Introduction But first, a disclaimer: I only seriously began considering this field two years ago and have no particular expertise in Christian or Catholic apologetics. In evaluating the... Continue Reading →

The Rosary Made Me Catholic

Jeffery Stevens is a convert to the Catholic faith and an author. In this interview Jeffrey describes his childhood and the role that faith played, how he came to accept Jesus as savior, and how the rosary led him to discover the Catholic church. It is a heartwarming story and so inspiring. The Role Of... Continue Reading →

Convert from Atheism To Catholicism

I love conversion stories. They give so much hope and give a renewed zeal for the faith. I myself am a convert to Catholicism. It is always a pleasure to speak with others who have made the journey. Jacob Woods Convert From Atheism and Evangelicalism I recently had the opportunity to interview Jacob Woods and... Continue Reading →

Irenaeus Was Totally Catholic…Updated

Before entering the Catholic church, I had a lot of misconceptions about what Catholicism was. I am not the only one that had these misconceptions, and these misconceptions are still ongoing for many people. There is a very vivid memory I have of the day I made myself a challenge. At the time I was... Continue Reading →

Henry Newman And The Development Of Doctrine

When we read through scripture an the works of the early church fathers something we see something become apparent.  Not all doctrine that we have today was in its current form in the earliest days of the church.  Heresies came up, questions were asked, and from this further clarification and development came about.  The kernels... Continue Reading →

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