Why Are There 27 Books In The New Testament?

The letters of Paul were among the first to be recognized in 90 ad and were being assembled in small collections. The four Gospels were decided on around the year 200. There were various canons proposed, but the Pauline letters and the four gospels seemed to have staying power. Other books such as Revelation and... Continue Reading →

Different Canons

In Judaism and Christianity it may surprise a new believer that there are different Bibles out there.  Though they may have seen multiple translations they may not have seen different canons.  These canons are the Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Bibles.  While there is much content overlapping there are some difference which are still a matter... Continue Reading →

Why 27 Books of the New Testament?

There are many things that may come to an individual’s mind when it comes to sacred scripture.  Some may ask why there are so many translations.  Some may wonder if the Bible as we know it fell from the sky at Pentecost.  However many have questions on how we have the books we have.  For... Continue Reading →

Meaning of "Canon"

  The term canon comes from the Greek word kanon which means rule [1].  Some may say that it is a measuring stick because by the canon is how we get our doctrine.  It is through the canon that we not only get our doctrine, but the rules and norms on how Christians should conduct... Continue Reading →

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