Episode 10: Breaking Down The Ten Commandments – SoundCloud

In this episode I take a look at the Ten commandments and break them down in more detail. Listen to Episode 10: Breaking Down The Ten Commandments by The Bible Catholic Show #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/user-682230997/episode-10-breaking-down-the-ten-commandments

Sources of Old Testament Interpretation

According to Collins there are seven methods to interpreting the Bible:  source criticism, form criticism, redaction criticism, archaeology, new criticism, new historicism, and sociological methods.  All of these are developments that help us understand the Bible in a deeper way.  Source criticism is seen as “the separation of sources especially in the Pentateuch (Collins, page... Continue Reading →

Inerrancy Matters

In my opinion, biblical inerrancy is one of those concepts that differentiates Christianity from other faiths.  Other faiths claim that their scriptures are divinely inspired, and are without error but the bible backs it up.   P.D. Feinberg describes inerrancy as “ the view when all facts are become known, they will demonstrate that the Bible... Continue Reading →

A Very Brief Study of Christology

Christology is an issue that is vital to the Christian faith, and is something that has been hotly debated [1].  There were scholars who set out on what was called the "Quest for the Historical Jesus."  The scholars set out to find out what Jesus was really like.  However many of them set out with... Continue Reading →

Four Branches of Theology

Systematic theology looks at everything scripture has to say about a topic and deals with the topic at hand. In regards to systematic theology B.A. Demarest states, "Systematic theology thus begins with the totality of biblical revelation and extrabiblical truth [1]."  Throughout history systematic theology has been a worthwhile discipline and has served the church... Continue Reading →

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