Theories of Atonement: Moral Influence Theory

MORAL INFLUENCE THEORY The Moral Influence theory was put forth by Abelard, and has become the focus of modern liberal protestant groups.  The theory was originally set forth by Abelard as an answer to the Commercial theory that was previously discussed.  It is very interesting as it teaches that the death of Christ did not... Continue Reading →

Theories of Atonement: Recapitulation Theory

  The recapitulation theory is one that finds much support in patristic literature, and especially that of Irenaeus.  According to the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church Irenaeus saw the atonement as “both as the restoration of fallen humanity to communion with God through the obedience of Christ and as the summing-up of the previous... Continue Reading →

Theories of Atonement

INTRODUCTION In Christendom there are many theories just to what the atonement means.  Is it a substitute?  Is there something else along with it that must be done so man can achieve eternal salvation?  These issues are often hotly contested, but is there one that is more biblical than the others?  This essay will focus... Continue Reading →

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