Accuracy of the New Testament

When it comes to a discussion about sacred scripture the word “accuracy” will definitely come up.  Whether it is in regards to passages in the Old Testament or the New, but what is the basis for such questions?  Is it an honest attempt to discern the truth or is one’s mind already made up?  This... Continue Reading →

Meaning of "Canon"

  The term canon comes from the Greek word kanon which means rule [1].  Some may say that it is a measuring stick because by the canon is how we get our doctrine.  It is through the canon that we not only get our doctrine, but the rules and norms on how Christians should conduct... Continue Reading →

The Apostle Thomas

The Apostle Thomas is someone who brings up mixed emotions among Christians.  There are even non-believers who have heard of him.  Thomas was not among the other disciples when Christ appeared to them, and as a result Thomas said that unless he puts his fingers into his side he will not believe (Radmacher, page 762). ... Continue Reading →

Through Faith…

"What shall we say then?  That Gentiles who did not pursue righteousness have attained it, that is, a righteousness that is by faith."- Romans 9:30 Have you every tried your hardest to do something only to come up short?  I think we can all answer that with a resounding "YES!"  We train, we practice, we... Continue Reading →

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