Paul and the Ephesians

The letter to the Ephesians is different than those we have studies thus far.  In previous letters,  we have Paul writing to defend his Apostleship and to teach against heresy that was being perpetrated at the time.  Ephesians seems to be more of an outline about the “important practices and doctrines for believers to keep... Continue Reading →

Paul and His Letter to the Philippians

The letter to the Philippians was written while Paul was imprisoned in Rome.  The church at Philippi held a special place in the heart of the Apostle.  In fact, it was the first church that he founded in Europe [1].  Prison carried a stigma and he wanted to ensure the congregation that he was still... Continue Reading →

Paul and the Thessalonians

The letters to the Thessalonians were written to address questions of the second coming, laziness, offer encouragement in the face of intense persecution, what happens to those that have died, and the healthy use of spiritual gifts [1].  There were concerns among the faithful that those that have died would not participate in the second... Continue Reading →

Paul and Galatia

The occasion and purpose of Paul writing to the Galatians was to combat a false doctrine that had infiltrated the church at Galatia.  Paul preached the Gospel, people accepted it, and Paul moved on to another journey.  While he was gone “The church had been infiltrated by false teachers who Paul those ‘who are trouble... Continue Reading →

Foundations of Paul's Theology

Paul had perhaps the most dramatic conversion experience in the New Testament, if not in the whole of human history.  He was going to a town to try to kill off a movement, and then all of a sudden the person who he says is not the Messiah appears to him.  That by itself would... Continue Reading →

Apostle Paul and the Book of Acts

Paul was the greatest missionary and evangelist in the history of the Christian church.  His background as a Pharisee gave him a great understanding of Jewish law.  He used this to his advantage on several occasions.  Though his greatest missionary trips were to gentile lands he used his rabbinical training to relate to Jews as... Continue Reading →

Don't Waste Your Time

"Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly."- 2 Timothy 2:16 It comes to us when we least expect it.  It comes to us in our homes, in our places of business, and even at church.  It has the potential to destroy friendships, marriages, and whole churches.  What... Continue Reading →

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