How The Early Church Father Made Me Catholic This interview was from my appearance on Gary Michuta's Hands On apologetics radio program on Virgin Most Powerful Radio.

Diocese of Albany files for reorganization

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code on March 15. Parishes and Catholic schools of the Diocese are separately incorporated under New York State’s Religious Corporations Law and are not part of the filing. The mission and ministries of the diocese and parishes will... Continue Reading →

Catholic Meme Monday— Issue 72

Hope you had a blessed weekend! Time for another Catholic Meme Monday. A great question! 😆 😆😆😆 Yes… A new haiku I wrote after reflecting on the life of Saint Peter. 🙏 Dad for the win! 🚶 WWE Bible Edition A belated Daylight Saving meme. ✨⌚😆 😆🙂😆 #Filioqueclausematters 🍺🍷😆🙏 Yep! Lent is a time for solemnity.... Continue Reading →

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