Are Suicide Victimes Without The Hope Of Heaven? In this week's episode I discuss a very sensitive topic.  The topic of suicide.  In this short episode I lay out the teaching of the Church about those who die of suicide.  Please share.  For more info please visit


Did Jesus Claim To Be God?

There are many passages in scripture that attribute divinity to Christ, and there are many that were spoken by the Lord himself. The spoken words of Christ in regards to his divinity will be our focus today. Source: Did Jesus Claim To Be God?

Tertullian and Stoic Materialism

Tertullian’s response was to say that the Son was real, but distinct and not a different God. The fact that Christ existed is a reality, and to this end he used the definition of the word that was found in Stoic philosophy. Source: Tertullian and Stoic Materialism

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