Life And Its Defense: What The Laity Can Do

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life joins me for a very important conversation. We discuss how his ministry started and all the great things that Priests For Life does to fight for the sanctity of life. We also discuss what the laity can do to fight for the most innocent. Fr. Pavone also discusses... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Porn

There is a great enemy among us that many welcome with open arms.  It is seductive, welcoming, and before you know it the claws of this demon extend into every area of your life.  Many think its harmless, but the statistics say otherwise.  Pornography is a medium of media consumption that destroys marriages, families, and... Continue Reading →

The Ten Commandments, Part 1

1.       You shall have no other gods beside me. The first commandment forbids idolatry and polytheism.  It promotes putting God first in our lives and aligning our lives in such a way that nothing takes the place of God.  Regarding this commandment the catechism says, “The first commandment forbids honoring gods other than the one... Continue Reading →

Christ and Theology of the Body

From the beginnings of sacred scripture, we read many prophecies about the coming of the Messiah.  This first gospel announcement can be seen as early as Genesis 3:15. After much anticipation the Savior is born of a virgin and walked among us.  In our fallen state he revealed himself as the “image of the invisible... Continue Reading →

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