Samaritans, The Woman at the Well, And The Background Of John 4

William Hemsworth-The Bible Catholic

The Gospel of John is one that greatly helps us understand exactly who Jesus is. John has a higher Christology than the synoptics and was the last written. In the Gospel of John, we have many key doctrine such as the personification of God’s Word in the person of Christ, as well as a synthetic parallelism with the book of Genesis to link the idea together[1].

One of the most popular accounts in the Gospel is the interaction that Jesus has with the Samaritan woman in John 4:1-26. When one reads this account there are many feelings that one may experience. First and foremost is continues the theme of the previous two stories about gentiles coming to faith[2]. Secondly it depicts Jesus fleeing persecution from the Pharisees because he was getting more disciples than John the Baptist[3]. One also sees a series of social…

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