Sewing Hope Into Broken Hearts

Bill Snyder, the founder of  Patchwork Heart Ministry joins me for a great episode. In this episode we discuss what moved him to start Patchwork Heart, how the ministry is going, and he discusses things that ministry leaders may encounter and how to overcome them. We also discuss some great projects that the ministry is doing such as a #shroudofturin documentary that is in the works, and a Eucharistic summit that will begin in December. Check it out!

About Patchwork Heart (From Their Website)

People on occasion ask us why we named our ministry Patchwork Heart. The answer is simply this, our founder Bill Snyder is a survivor of three open-heart surgeries. He was diagnosed at three weeks of age with Tetrology of Fallot a serious congenital heart defect that required immediate surgery to correct the problem, and two additional open-heart surgeries to make necessary modifications and improve heart function. As part of the procedures, many different patches have been sewn into his heart thus giving him a “patchwork heart” and a name to our ministry. Bill, a passionate Catholic, loves to openly share his story of how the numerous surgeries and medical procedures have helped him grow in faith because he believes and hopes that it will open many hearts to God’s grace and love.

About Bill Snyder

​Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, Bill is a passionate Catholic with a lively faith. For over a dozen years he has been an active member and leader in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and holds bachelor’s degrees in both Theology/Religious Studies and TV/Radio Production from the University of Scranton, PA. As a youth and young adult evangelist, servant leader, teacher, and dynamic speaker he harnesses the energy of young Catholics, guiding them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and challenges them to be bold witnesses to the Catholic Faith.


In addition, Bill was selected to serve as a Council member for Pentecost Today USA and is a discerner for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

The Patchwork Heart Interview


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