University of St. Thomas-Houston to Launches Digital Evangelization Series

Life is lived out on social media, and Catholics are very much a part of the movement. Harnessing the expertise of major Catholic influencers who evangelize effectively on social media platforms, the University of St. Thomas-Houston MAX Studios, in partnership with the Word on Fire Institute, is announcing an innovative video series to demonstrate how to bring the light of the Gospel to the digital world. Each episode of the series, The New Evangelization and New Media, will spotlight one of today’s most interesting and compelling Catholic influencers to share their experiences in experimenting with technology and media to get to the heart of our culture and reach their specific audience. They will share their successes and failures, get real about the challenges they face on a particular platform, and explain why it’s important for Catholics to see the value of engaging authentically in a digital space. The lineup of influencers slated for the first round includes Australian singer-songwriter and YouTuber Fr. Rob Galea, Jonathan “Bearded Blevins,” who launched a ministry for gamers on Twitch, Waco’s mom-blogger and Word on Fire Fellow Haley Stewart, better known as @haleycarrots on Instagram, and America’s Next Top Model Season 3 contestant Leah Darrow to demonstrate the need for evangelization on Facebook. The second round of production, featuring Catholic influencers from TikTok, Twitter and in the podcast space, will be announced in the coming weeks. About Bridget Richardson: Bridget Richardson is a producer with MAX Studios at the University of St. Thomas-Houston and loves to engage in conversation with just about anyone. She has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Electronic Media with a Theatre minor from University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She received her MA in Faith and Culture from UST Houston.

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